You Are God

God is everywhere…God is everything.  God is You…and…You are God.

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There is no sin — only adventure

There is no evil — only experience

All things are part of God discovering His/Her self.

There is no death, only life reinventing itself — again and again.

There is no danger, only us pretending there is — for the thrill of it.

You are eternal, nothing can hurt you.

You pretend to be vulnerable to discover your invulnerability

You pretend to die to discover your immortality

You pretend to be bad to discover your unending goodness

You pretend to be physical to discover your boundless spirit

You are God and there is no other.

We all are God learning about our infinite possibilities, endless variety and indestructible unity.

In this endeavor, forgetfulness is our greatest asset.

For if we did not forget that we are God we could not discover ourselves.

What You Are

You are NOT what you THINK you are.

You are not what you think you are!

You are at the same time much MORE and much less than you think you are.

Much MORE because you transcend all thought.

Much less because your essence is simpler and more basic than thought.

In fact, you are THAT WHICH THINKS rather than the thought itself … though your thoughts define what you think you are.

In fact, you are much GREATER than all thought or thing … and you share that greatness with All That Is.

You are an inseparable part of All That Is:

Your essence is Infinite and Eternal.

Your essence is Whole and Universal.

Your Essence is at the Root of all things and all things are make of that same Essence.

It is truly a mystery who you are and yet you live with it … experience it every day.

Your power is immense, your creativity limitless.  You only need to remember who you are to claim them.  There is nothing greater in the universe …

And LOVE is your essence.

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