Why You Forgot

What is the source of everything and what is your relationship to it?    “Part of God – a simple book about who you really are and how to be truly happy” explores and answers that question.   If you are like most people, you forgot who you are and your relationship to the source.  There is an important reason why you forgot.  By forgetting you actually create the life you choose.  Reclaiming the power to create your life as you would like it to be is the single greatest benefit of mastering the information in this book!

“Part of God” is the product of a lifetime of research into spiritual and philosophical ideas and scientific and practical achievements.  It is the product of years of analysis, synthesis and inspiration that cuts across many areas of knowledge to arrive at the essential truth about you and God.

If you’ve wondered how the universe works or suspected that life is not as complicated as it seems, this book is for you.  It answers your questions about the operation of the universe and offers tools to shape your life.  The practical result is the best evidence of its truth.

The book provides its insights in simple, concise language while revealing the unlimited power at your fingertips.     Discover your role in what happens around you — your connection with God.  This simple connection is the core of your life experience.

Part of God is available in CD audio book and paperback format.   Below is a 5 minute excerpt from the AudioBook version of “Part of God.”  Enjoy!


AUDIOBOOK (Immediate Download) — $4.99 

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We believe it is important to get this book into your hands as quickly as possible, so we have made it as easy and inexpensive as we could.   Take a moment to download it before leaving this page —  you’ll be glad you did!

It is unlikely you will ever find a book more earth shaking and life changing in premise and implication.  It is unlikely you will ever find a thought system more powerful and empowering.  It is unlikely you will ever find information more important for you to understand and master — because it is the truth about who and what you are, the truth about you and God. Download it now while it is at your fingertips!


A Meditation On Your True Nature

“Part of God” explains the principles behind this meditation.